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The Crash Course

In the early 2000s, Cindy Steinbeck began leading educational vineyard tours. She taught visitors from all over the world, drawing on the grape growing expertise of her father, the family's extensive history in the Paso Robles area, and the connection of Scriptures to her experienes in her father's vineyard. She named the tour the "Crash Course," in part commemorating a military plane crash on the property in 1956, and also to reflect the in-depth and hands-on eduation offered.

Cindy teaching from the Jeep

Cindy Steinbeck


Tour our 400 Acre Historic Vineyard in the Geneseo District of Paso Robles

Led by a Steinbeck Family Member in our 1958 Jeep Willy --

maximum group size 4 adults (6 small adults are able to fit, in cozy fashion)



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to Learn More   

1. Sustainable Wine Growing

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Journey through our vineyard and learn
about Paso Robles viticulture with
your eyes, hands, and feet in an outdoor classroom

  2. Sustainable Family Farming 

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Journey through history and learn about
our 7-generation family, our 135+ year hertiage,
and our passion for family farming

3. Sustainable Life

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Journey through the Scriptures in our vineyard with Cindy. Experience the imagry and parallel of Jesus' words, connecting us to Him as branches of
the True Vine