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Cindy Steinbeck
January 10, 2020 | Newsletters | Cindy Steinbeck

January 2020 Newsletter

We have arrived in 2020!

Greetings from the Steinbeck Family.
We are so grateful for your participation in our story,
and for your appreciation of our wines and our history.


Winter Season at Steinbeck

The skies have opened! Gentle rains and a few blustery storms result in freshly charged earth and green grasses on the Paso Robles hillsides and in between our rows. This is the time of year to establish “cover crop” so that harmful and invasive weeds do not establish themselves in the vineyard.

Due to a hard frost in late-October, the vines entered dormancy earlier than the end of many years. Just like people, vines need a good rest before they begin their work again. During their dormancy the branches above ground “sleep” while the roots recharge with water and nutrients for the growing season ahead.

100th Year Celebration

This year we commemorate a century of family history. One Hundred years ago Frank and Rosetta purchased this property, and brought with them their passion, their vision, and their tireless work to create a family legacy that has reached deep into the Paso Robles community.

In the early 1900s there were reports in the local newspaper of “High Quality Wines” made by Frank, his father, and his uncles in the Creston area of what is now Paso Robles. The wine press they used is featured in our tasting room, with its time-stamp dating back to 1874.

The remnants of Hundred-year old farm equipment sit along our vineyard roads, reminders of an era in some ways so different to our own: limited technology, animal powered machinery, quiet peacefulness and being ‘unplugged’ in comparison to the busy digital age in which we now live. In other ways, the work we do is as tireless as theirs, but with many new benefits and challenges unique to our time. In every way, our current lifestyle is the thankful result of the foundation laid by our predecessors.

Join us throughout the year as we feature different elements of a history for which we are so grateful. Each event we host will be augmented by a different focal point from the last 100 years.


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